• Living With A Brain Injury

    This is and has been my life for the last 6+ years and my future is looking forwards. Read more

  • What Is A TBI?

    What is a TBI or Traumatic Brain Injury? This may help you understand what one is and remember most people can recover from one. But unfortunately, some of us will never fully recover from a Brain Injury again. Read more

  • New Alu-Cab Jimny Build Options Coming

    Alu-Cab are coming out with some new accessories for ourselves who enjoy the outdoors I’m looking forward to seeing more details Read more

  • Live Life Now And Not Later

    Take the opportunity when you can, And live life to the max before it’s too late! I’m so glad to have travelled overseas extensively years ago, not of waited until I was older in life to do so. There’s nothing stopping you sell things and just do it. It’s called having an adventure. Read more

  • Life Without Spare Wheels

    Live life to the fullest possible! So why not try reducing your wheels on your vehicles? Read more

  • My Old Titanium Geared Mountain Unicycle

    Myself 2011, with old custom made 26” Titanium Geared Mountain Unicycle. Sold in late 2011 too help fund my 2012 Africa Misadventure. I would love to be able to go out again and enjoy a good 20+ kilometre Uni ride, but I’ll be happy to manage 10 minutes of riding before having to take a… Read more