Overland Adventure NZ

Welcome to Overland Adventure New Zealand

I started out with this website dedicated to help find the best gravel cycling riding gravel road’s of New Zealand.

But because of an accident of unplanned dismount, flying high and landing into the back my head!

I have ended up with severe traumatic brain injury that I’ve been trying to manage for the last five years, I have learnt that I cannot ride a motorcycle or a bicycle any more without extreme brain fatigue after only riding for 20 minutes.

Luckily I’m still able to drive car or small 4X4 if I have regular rest breaks every hour of driving and this is my new way of getting outdoors and trying to enjoy life.

So Overland Adventure NZ and Gravel NZ is to try and have a source of information on great gravel roads around New Zealand to inspire people to get out and go camping and driving over land trips around New Zealand.

It does not matter if you do not cycle if you have a decent four-wheel-drive you should be able to drive all these routes to but there are a few places that vehicles are not allowed to go and in my case I’ll be walking them, but pointing out if you can cycle them instead of walking.

If you know of some great routes that I should have listed here please email me here

Regards Kiwi Pete

My 1st new 4X4 1997
My latest four-wheel-drive which I’m building into overland camper & Zippy my co-driver