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    Living With A Brain Injury

    This is and has been my life for the last 6+ years and my future is looking forwards.

  • What Is A TBI?

    What is a TBI or Traumatic Brain Injury? This may help you understand what one is and remember most people can recover from one. But unfortunately, some of us will never fully recover from a Brain Injury again.

  • New Alu-Cab Jimny Build Options Coming

    Alu-Cab are coming out with some new accessories for ourselves who enjoy the outdoors I’m looking forward to seeing more details

  • Live Life Now And Not Later

    Take the opportunity when you can, And live life to the max before it’s too late! I’m so glad to have travelled overseas extensively years ago, not of waited until I was older in life to do so. There’s nothing stopping you sell things and just do it. It’s called having an adventure.

  • Freedom

    The freedom of riding on just one tyre is hard to give up and a load easier than it may look. I had to stop riding my mountain unicycle after my 2017 bicycle accident because it was too much of a brain overload and extremely frustrating. But now after 6 years and a load of…

  • Drive In The Green Zone Is More Efficient & Better

    As a former Motorcycle Engineer and Mechanic it was very surprising, how many customers motorcycles needed to have the Italian tune. In fact, once I had a visit from the local police officer about a motorcycle going along the bypass putting out so much smoke that no one could see where they were going? Bobby…

  • Exhaust Design & Performance

    With my background as an ex motorcycle engineer and now having a brain injury it’s extremely hard for myself to explain how a more open and noisy exhaust does not equal more power. Now I’m not sponsored or use any Magnaflow exhaust systems! But I believe this video explains a lot of the engineering and…

  • Overlanding Morocco

    I loved my time in Morocco and North Africa back in 1993. It’s the one place that I have always wanted to return too. This video is inspiring 👍

  • True NZ Adventure Video

    Are you looking for some inspiration and/or ideas of places to go and see in the South Island ? Here is a awesome and raw video about two guys having fun and adventure. I’m planning to drive my Jimny in the next year along some of the same routes (if you’re in the USA it’s…

  • Inspiring Videos of Some of New Zealand Offroad Roots

    This is just one of the future planned adventures I have for myself and my ultra micro overland adventure Jimny. Marcus has videoed some of the great roots/tracks of the South Island.Like the one below.

  • TIG Welding Art & Projects

    So after years welding with O-A and MIG welders for work and personal projects. It’s time to start a small business and after having registered business name, years ago and working through a few options!I have got myself a TIG welder and gear. First off it’s built a welding table (almost finished) than it’s built…

  • The Scandinavian Christmas Can Surprise You

    A Merry Christmas from the Finnish Police a few years ago. A nice way to say be safe. I can remember the Finnish Police (and the Swedish and Norwegian) were all very friendly when I was driving Scandinavian Tours about north of the arctic circle in 1994. We just missed seeing the Snow ❄️ and…

  • Why helmets don’t prevent concussions — and what might | David Camarillo

    I’m so disappointed in the bicycle industry! Why? Because they are chasing, light weight, aerodynamics, style, and to just meet the required standards to pass the design safety standards! Why not design a Helmet to protect the Rider too a much higher standard? Too far surpass the safety standards we have today? If my Helmet…

  • Ride: A Short Film About Cycling

    I so miss the Ride of riding a bicycle, but that’s life and I have rode more parts of the World then most people. So go for a ride and enjoy it, enjoy the hills, enjoy a head wind, just enjoy the outdoors.

  • Muni Means…MUNI

    I started Mountain Unicycling in 2004, because I was looking for a simpler riding experience! MUNI is fun and a challenge all in one, I last ride 6 months after my Bicycling to work accident in late 2017. I miss it so much 🤔 Life is full of circles.


    So right, this is a great video about the Bicycle! It got me thinking about how a Bicycle has taken me about this World. The uses a bicycle is used for every day about the world and how I have used a bicycle! For Work, picking up parts to going to a post office and…

  • The Man Who Accidentally Killed The Most People In History

    I have found this very interesting about this one Man who has changed our world. And one how it was discovered by accident by someone different.

  • Is this the END of hiking boots?

    The future is zero drop, foot shaped shoes and boots. Be foot happy and not fashion style driven unhappy feet.

  • Taking To The Skies For Climate Change

    Life is about taking risks! Be it like Danny here! Or Looking after the Earth for the future of us all. Remember the Sahara Desert was once a Rain Forest! Yes that’s right it was a Rain Forest once and I co drove from Morocco to Tunisia through the Sahara Desert and I saw no…