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Welcome back to Bikepacking New Zealand

So I started up the FaceBook Group Bikepacking New Zealand in 2015 thinking that 100 members would be great but it kept growing (to over 6000 members in July 2021) so in 2017 I started Bikepacking New Zealand website to help with questions like which saddle is best for you? which bike is best to go bikepacking on? how to setup your bike for comfort? etc.

Well two weeks after starting this website I had an unplanned dismount riding to work resulting in a bad Brain Injury and have been having a hard time with working, FB group and website, so after much stubbornness on my part I have had to stand-down from the FB group (this took up an average of two hours a day from 2015 to late May 2021) & close down the old Bikepacking New Zealand & Gravel NZ websites.

For me my future is to work out a balance of less working hours, more rest, and having a life outside of work.

So this is why Bikepacking New Zealand, Gravel NZ, and Kiwi Pete’s Adventures are part of this one website to keep costs down and simpler for me to look after going forward.

From now on Bikepacking New Zealand web page is going to be the home of a number of Great Kiwi Bikepacking videos about bikepacking trip’s or events to inspire you to go for a riding or entry bikepacking event/adventure.

I’ll add more from as I come across them, If you see a good video that I have not posted below please message me below.

So no more articles about which is the best?? instead please join Bikepacking New Zealand FaceBook group or one off the FB groups below.

Bikepacking New Zealand if your interested in ultralight Bikepacking

Tour Aotearoa if your interested in riding the route or event

Kopiko if your interested in riding the route or event (please note this has more climbing then the TA)

NZ Cycle Touring if your a overloaded Bikepacker or a Cycle Tourist this is the group for you

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