Exhaust Design & Performance

With my background as an ex motorcycle engineer and now having a brain injury it’s extremely hard for myself to explain how a more open and noisy exhaust does not equal more power.

Now I’m not sponsored or use any Magnaflow exhaust systems!

But I believe this video explains a lot of the engineering and miss busting of exhaust designs for power and noise flow.

I live back in the 1980s that things like heater pipes being equal length. Do not equal equal lengths?

I.E. most engines back in the 80s and still to this day, have different lengths or distances from the exhaust valves to the exhaust mounting flange and this is why equal lengths exhaust pipes in etc a 4 into 1 for the max horsepower should visibly see of equal length.

Or a 4 into 2 into 1 it’s not about increasing maximum horsepower but more to do with increasing maximum torque!

Differences in designs can equal desires, Power designs for a race, track or purpose the vehicle is being used for.

Anyway, if you’re interested in exhaust designed them formants of your vehicle, this video is extremely informative and interesting.

Happy watching and learning 👍

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