Do You Need Every Option Before Driving Offroad

Having owned 3 Jimny’s before my JB74 I have learned that lifting is not necessary and that a good tall set of tyres are all that’s required for moderate to serious offroad adventures in NZ.

The past Jimny’s needed a bigger fuel tank, but with the much better range of the JB74 in NZ we have enough fuel stations and a bigger tank is only a convenience.

The new traction control is great and eliminates the need for locking diff’s.

A CB, Snorkel maybe, and a Winch is all that is necessary for any solo adventures in NZ.

It’s about having fun outdoors

Now if you’re interested in or planning to drive across a lot of rivers then diff, transfer box, and (extend up higher) the gear/auto box, breathers help to keep water out.

But if you’re like myself and only going to cross the occasional river then the standard breathers are 100% fine.

Just remember to stop before a river crossing and let things (diff axle’s etc) to cool down when checking the river on foot before driving through.

A lot of people add bits and pieces just in case like breather and never drive off the highway.

Have fun and remember to smile

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