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Regaining Balance After Brain Injury

Now I believe that I’m probably not the only one with a Brain Injury that has had a balance problem since their brain injury?

I was fine inside my home but had to weave (to keep my balance) when out walking outside.

I asked a number of doctors and a few specialists why my balance was so bad outside?

Has Worked For Myself How About You?

They just kept saying it’s because I was comfortable at home and scared outside!

This I couldn’t understand when I love the wilderness and outdoors so much.

Anyway a concussion podcast I came across talked about brain damage causing a need to relearn things and also noticed that my old boss’s young kids didn’t like wearing their shoes.

Sitting at home thinking about this I realise that it inside I would walk around home in my bare feet and balance was fine!

So being desperate, I tried walking outside with no shoes on!
Guess what my balance was fine, so I started watching You Tube (because I can’t read much anymore, since my accident) anyway I learnt about barefoot walking shoes (which yes is an oxymoron) and after getting my first pair, I have only been looking forward and enjoying walking again without the extreme balance problems I was having.

I now have four pairs of barefoot shoes, one for hiking, one for walking the footpaths, one for town and a pair for fast walking.
This is the first video that I feel explains it with the most detail.
If this information can help someone else was that on the awesome.

Note: because I live in Taupo and that no shoe shop was interesting and helping me! They kept saying that I needed better supported shoes, i.e. running shoes which I had tried and was not working at all for me.
So I import from Vivobarefoot Shoes Australia.

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