The Scandinavian Christmas Can Surprise You

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A Merry Christmas from the Finnish Police a few years ago.

A nice way to say be safe.

I can remember the Finnish Police (and the Swedish and Norwegian) were all very friendly when I was driving Scandinavian Tours about north of the arctic circle in 1994.

We just missed seeing the Snow ❄️ and ⛄️ unfortunately.

But we did stop on each Tour at Christmas Island, but in the middle of summer.

We (the Tour Manager, a second driver and myself) had to drive the tour bus from the UK up to Denmark and then cross to Sweden via ferry (no bridge back then!) with an empty bus.

On arriving into Sweden we had to declared all the alcohol and food we had a board!

So we declared approximately 1/10 of the alcohol we had!

As we may have hidden under secret panels in the floor of the coach an lot more!

Ok 9/10 of the alcohol we had in the coach was hidden away!

The border police said the one tenth that we had declared was way over the limit of entitlement for the three of us driving to the start point of Oslo on the first of three tours to Nordkapp.

(The second driver flew home to the UK from Oslo after helping us set up the tents ⛺️ for our first tour group of passengers)

The nice border police asked us where we were gonna sleep for the night?

We asked if it is okay to sleep on the docks?

They replied yes as long as we had a few drinks before we left the ferry docks we could keep the excess alcohol (had too drink it before departing the docks) and to sleep it off on the docks for the night was a great idea.

They wished us a good time and to enjoy our self in Scandinavia!

We (tour manager and myself) run out of alcohol drinks after 7 weeks driving around northern Scandinavia.

Then we had to buy alcohol and very expensive prices from the van monopolists.

Life on the road as road crew can be hard sometimes 😀

Glad I don’t drink alcohol anymore…


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