Overland Adventure New Zealand

Out Exploring The Back Roads

So because I have not been able to fully recover from my severe traumatic brain injury (over 5 years last August) and still not able to enjoy cycling any more outdoors because of extreme brain fatigue from riding a bike or motorcycle.
I have returned to four wheel driving and camping with Zippy my assistance dog/puppy.
I’ve been building up my little Suzuki Jimny as an overland/ ultra micro camper for the two of use.
Because of this I have now changed gravel New Zealand into Overland Adventure New Zealand/Gravel NZ.
It will still be a source of some great gravel tracks/roads to bike or four-wheel-drive vehicle including a few points that might be interesting to walking at the end of some of these roads so you can get out and try to do the same or better.
If you have any suggestions can you please forward a GPS file and a few photos.
Send them through to me and I’ll update and have more places to drive and/or cycle.

Check it out here Overland Adventure New Zealand

Where a adventures are waiting 👍

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