Supermarkets with a Brain Injury

So since my accident Supermarket’s and shopping malls have been extremely exhausting and overwhelming.

I have learnt to wear a cap, darker glasses, musician earplugs that cut out background noise and to be quick in and out again.

In New Zealand we had so supermarket’s have A quieter Hour once a week with the lights turn down and the Sound system turn off.

This was great!

But stopped with New Zealand going into Covid-19 lockdown on the 26th of March 2020.

Would love to have this again! But but it’s not happened so far and does not look to be coming back sadly.

The words below are from the repost of this Instagram picture.

Repost @theaimzrecovery

How accurate is this drawing, of a traumatic brain injury in a supermarket?! 🧠🤪

Credit to @heatherhockinart
Jump on over and read her post relating to this pic.

Does anyone else find supermarkets to be such a brutal stimulation and complete smash to the senses?

Noise, bright lights, shiny floors, lots of people with a heavy trolley to manoeuvre, all while trying to stay upright….

There’s just a lot going on!

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