Zippy My First Puppy/Therapy Dog

So last year I was recommended at looking to get a therapy dog by a number of Specialists.

But the one Specialist who could help organise one said I do not qualify because I was not bad enough with my brain injury.

So after much debate and with my Mum’s dog expertise, on a dog to suit my needs with long hiking trips, camping and general 5 to 20 kilometre days walks.

My Mum suggested a Spoodle would meet my requirements and be a great therapy dog, to get myself out of my house for a walk when I’m down and exhausted.

So after looking for a puppy for so time, my Mum found a litter of puppies available over Gisborne Way.

So we drove over to Gisborne for a long weekend and had a look at the puppy’s, one was exploring the places about him and keep coming back to myself.

So that was it, a puppy found and then it was a few more waiting for him to get a little bit older.

Than is was time to pick him up and a big thanks to the breeder, he drove to Napier to drop off a few puppies including Zippy!

Quick Stop On Way Home With Zippy

My Mum and I drove back to Taupo and Zippy and I stayed with my Mum for the first three weeks to learn about puppy training etc.

Zippy Finally Looking At Me When Photographing Him

Now Zippy and I have been home for a few weeks and we are getting on well.

Zippy Loving The Sun

We can not go for short walks yet! Because Zippy has not had all his vaccines yet.

But that’s a few more weeks.

So how come have I named Zippy, Zippy?

Well Zippy chose his own name! he loves to chew on zipper! and outside in the garden love’s to Zip about the place.

So for now on it’s Zippy & Kiwi Pete’s Adventures about NZ and I look forward to when Zippy is 12 months old and able to enjoy long 10 plus kilometre walks.

More to come in the coming weeks, months and years.

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