Past Life

When looking for something else I surprisingly found this inside an old book!

A custom handmade very cool birthday card,  that someone or a number of someones found time to make when we were all on TT1 1993!

TT for Training Trip, 1 for the first of two for 1993.

So “Top Deck Travel” and “Contiki” among other travel companies run extremely hard, full on training trips!

Why? To become part of a team, to learn the same routes together, to see if when exhausted and drunk you can still be professional.

Having been on a few training trips!

I have seen one trainee extremely exhausted after only two days and after a few drinks breaking every window in a Paris Campsite bar!

Not a good idea on a tour so that guy was sent home on day three, and over the next 25+ days over a quarter of the trainee’s were sent home.

To finish was just part of it.

I learnt so much about myself and my unusual ability to keep going with only a few hours of sleep for weeks.

Also learnt that I could have a sleep standing up as long I had some or thing to lean against!

Glad it’s in my past.

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