Brain Fog & My Brain Fog Story

So I had Brain Fog bad and did not understand why I was not right?

Why on finishing my work day and starting to cook dinner that I would fall a sleep from exhaustion and had no idea that I was exhaustion?

I would start shouting at work mates and not know I was?

I just could not work out why I could not think about things?

In the ended after one and a half year’s and only because Mark my old workmate/friend having been asking customers about Brain Injury’s since my accident (and up to me finishing working) questions?

One customer talked to Mark about has friend using Enzogenol which is a Pine Tree Bark Extract!

So I tried it and after a few day’s my Brain Fog felt lighter? and after a week I suddenly had a clear head!

I had a headache and was exhaustion all the time but I now I knew this for the first time since my accident and could explain to my Doctor’s, workmates, and friends.

It was the starting point of getting help and ending up no knowing that I have a permanent invisible disability of a severe traumatic brain injury.

So it’s time to look forwards and lean about things I can still do.

It’s just part of life…………………………

So the below is from this repost from the Instagram post by @tbi.brain

Link to they side is here

Brain fog is a symptom that plagues lots of brain injury survivors and patients.

No matter how sharp and quick-witted you were before your brain injury, brain fog can still have a dramatic effect on you.

Although considered a “mild” symptom, as it’s non-life-threatening, brain fog can cause a million problems for those who have it 😶‍🌫️🧠

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