Learning To Read Again After A Brain Injury

So many of my friends and colleagues have not understood why I have got so frustrated since my accident in August 2017!

My paperback copies

Aside from my balance issues walking and riding, I have not been able to read books because of extreme eye/brain failure.
I can’t explain it very well but looking at a page I find it’s glaring back at me and I have to try to squint this is with correct reading glasses on.

Now with the help I’m getting from a support team around myself, including a speech therapist who is working on me having a eyesight test with different colour lens etc.
My speech therapist dropped into a my appointment with her two and a half weeks ago that Kindle Books app the background and writing can be adjusted to different colours and print size!

My Kindle Book page app settings

Well this is a godsend for me because in the last 4 years I have been buying up a number of books that I would like to read when I can including three by an old Workmate back in the 1990’s.

I had tried to read them but it was just too hard for me with my Brain Injury.

So even though I have them in Paperbacks, I ordered “What Goes On Tour Too” adjust the Kindle Settings to suit me and read it!
I could not believe that I enjoyed reading so much again 🙂

So ordered and read “What Goes On Tour Camping” also in the last two weeks! yes that’s a book a week.

My Kindle read copies

Last year before I got my paperback copy from gillianscottcreative I read “What Goes On Tour” on Kindle with the standard setting and read it very slowly (but not very easily) over five to six weeks.

So a big thanks to Gillian Scott for writing a series of books about life working in Tourism based around some of the stories that we all can home with….

My next book to read is about the African Cycling Tour I started in and did not finish in 2012.

It’s called “Closer To Quiet” by Jana Dumas.

Until the 4th book by Gillian Scott comes out soon.

If you have not worked it out? I have missed reading so much.

Thanks to my Team and Friends for keeping me going forwards 👍

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