Sledding Athletes Are Taking Their Lives. Did Brain-Rattling Rides and High-Speed Crashes Damage Their Brains?

Summertime Runs

It’s ironic that I got to ride in mixed bobsleigh in Lillehammer few times in (Summer) 1993! (Yes in Summer time was open for the public to ride and wheeled bobsleigh, down the Winter Olympics track) Cool a?

Now the adrenaline and speed going through this bank corners was incredible and as a Adventure Tour Driver it was the only excursion then I had to pay for in all of Europe and all I want to do is keep going back and back.
I was lucky that my Tour Manager (Lucy) would only let me ride two times in total.

I an now living with a sTBI every day, I’m getting the help I need and have the support around me.
But the Sporting Superstars who repeated repeatedly experience the same adrenaline and speedrush must be so depressed suffering from brain injuries caused by the sport they once loved.

It’s sad that it’s been so secret and not talked about for so long.
Life goes on and with having to learn to enjoy it despite how one’s life changes.

If you’re having problems with a Brain Injury or know someone with one the is help out there, just ask.


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