Suzuki Jimny

Well back as a kid in 1972 I first saw a Suzuki LJ10 or may have been a LJ20 in Wellsford (Northland) and if I had been older I would of got one for myself, but at 8 years old I was too young!

So I did get my first Suzuki TS100 motorbike in around 1982 (I think my 5th motorcycle by then?) and ride it hard before selling it for a profit.

After travelling about overseas for a good number of years, I returned and after a lot of second hand cars owned.

Bought my first new car!

A Suzuki Samurai (Jimny) in 1998, one of the 1st Suzuki with Coil Springs suspension (below) and after 90,000+ kms sold it.

Replaced with a Red Suzuki Jimny in 2000 and after a load of kilometres (About 90,000+ kms again) and fun sold off.

But the replacement was a Green Suzuki Jimny in around 2003? I drove this one hard off road for years too. When I turned up for the 1st service the Service Manager was shocked by the scratches on the driver side and asked which Supermarket carpark was that? I just laughed and said have you not seen the left-hand side of her? On walking around to the left! Just stood there lost for words and then asked well that was one bad shopping day!

No! shaking my head, that’s from Tea Tree and driving about offroad through the bush.

Anyway I sold that one and moved onto a Suzuki APV Van to camp in and fit my Mountain bikes inside, but I have missed my Suzuki 4×4’s and after a long break!

So I have ordered my 4th new Suzuki Jimny yesterday and it’s due about late May 2022?

More to come in the future.

Future Adventures are awaiting & website

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