Morocco Adventure

I tried a number of times to pass my UK DD Bus licence in the late 1980’s, returned home to NZ and once my Workplace closed down, I passed the NZ bus licence in 10 minutes!
Flew back to the UK and drove DD Buses before moving onto driving with Africa Explored 🙈(renamed Africa Exploited by the passengers) as a backup driver for a double Truck 8 week Overland Adventure from Calais, France down through Spain, Stopping in Pamplona for the Running of the Bull, crossing to Ceuta, Morocco the one country that I’ll loved to go back too.

We were supposed to travel around Morocco for about 8 days.
But all tourists visas had been cancelled for Algeria!
So we stayed in Morocco longer waiting for work visas for all 40 passengers & 3 drivers.
I think it was 15 days waiting so were in Morocco for about 20 days of seeing the hidden beauties that most trips don’t go too.
The it was almost 20 hours crossing into Algeria, staying away from Algiers because of the Revolution going on in 1993.
We were lucky to be heading south through the middle of Algeria and the Sahara Desert (only 50°+ c ).
Then 30+ hour’s to get out and into Tunisia stopping for the Star Wars Pub and El Jem.
Crossing back to Europe and Sicily, Italy, back through France to Calais.
The trip was full of advantage the whole way. Became Algeria had become so dangerous my second tour was cancelled!
I moved on to working for Tracks 🙉.
Driving about Europe and being on 24 hours notice to return to Africa, but in 18 months that do not happen.
So moved on to a far better but much less adventurous tour company.

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