You Would Not Believe It – History

When I worked in Wellsford (Northland) in the local Honda motorcycle shop the Honda Car dealership across the road could not believe that he just sold a brand new Honda City to a local customer who had a Honda City that was two years old and the Vin number (chassis number/production number) off the new City was a few numbers older than his two year old Honda City!

1980’s Honda City

Seriously the brand new Honda City Vin number ended in say ~00014 and the customers old City was newer with a vin number ending in ~00017.
We could not believe it, and no, we did not tell the customer he never knew.

We had a a joke about it again, a few years later when the same customer traded in his Honda City on a new model Honda accord.

Please note this Honda City is just a reference photo the same model city.

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