Why Have I Have Changed In My Websites Name From Kiwi Pete’s Adventures?

So why have I renamed Kiwi Pete’s Adventures and moved all three of my websites into one?

Yes myself driving of one of the many Greek ferry’s

First of the rename is after a second person contacted me asking if I was the Kiwi Pete who had left them on the side the road in the middle of the USA? or I was the Kiwi Pete who had left them in South America with no money etc.

Well that’s not Me, I have never driven in the USA so was not me there, and I have not been to South America.

So it’s time for a change and look forward instead of backwards.

Why change from three websites to one?

Well, it’s to keep it simple.

And cut down on the admin and work needed needed.

So why the name Overland Adventure New Zealand?

Well to be honest looking back, I’ve always sought adventure.

Now Overland Adventure means to me to walk, cycle, motorcycle, and drive anywhere is an overland adventure and this includes Bikepacking, Four Wheel Driving, Travelling (be it in NZ or Overseas) with my Co-Driver “ZIPPY” and taking photos along the way.

Adventures are awaiting outside ones front door 👍

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