Billingham Bag & My History With Them

Billingham Bags

I got my first one back in 1995.

I used it for years when driving adventure tours around Europe, Scandinavia, United Kingdom and New Zealand.

I used it as a pillow when sleeping under the stars and under Canvas on all the great camping trips.

Comfort and security know my cameras, is just they’re ready!

Unfortunately, someone made me a ridiculous offer for my original Billingham camera bag and I have bought number of modern Billingham bags with a lot of disappointment and regret.

None matched my original bag for versatility.

Now Billingham makes the Leica SL2 camera bag and it’s the best Billingham bag since my original Billingham purchase, its lightweight, compact, and simple with all that’s needed and fits my Canon R5 with a Canon 24 – 105 F4 RF lense perfectly.

Thanks Mum for a great Christmas present, and in the most beautiful colour option I believe.

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