So after 12 months of wearing barefoot shoes and also walking in my Bare Feet I love feeling the ground, yes the rocks, stones and the texture of the ground and Earth below my feet.

I started walking in Vivobarefoot Primes Lite III Barefoot shoes, because my balance since my accident in late 2017 has not been very good and I in fact had to keep turning left and right into the direction I feel I was going fall too! just little Z pattern to my walking path.


Because it’s like if you stand on your bed to change a light bulb (please don’t do this) it’s hard to stand straight and not keep moving about to keep your balance.

For me at home my balance was good after a few month’s, be outside my balance was an issue! When talking to a few doctors they said that I was feeling safe at home but not on outside!

In time I would get better?

Well I love the outdoors, the bush (New Zealand for Forest) is also home, so this made no sense to me.

Then a friend from OZ (Australia) give me so links to podcasts about Brain Injuries for people with a brain injury and it started me on a trail of research with more podcasts (the ones I found good in my links page) and videos.

I started by ordering a pair of shoes with zero heel rise and that helped, but within weeks I had come across Barefoot shoes (yes that’s an oxymoron).

So Barefoot shoes are naturally wider in the shape of a natural healthy foot!

The soles are very thin and you can feel the smallest pebble or stone when walking, my feet can feel the ground like at home indoors (yes I’m in my bare feet 100% at home!).

Did you know

Did my feet hurt without arch support and all the padding in a shoe? Yes a little bit to start with but after months of wearing barefoot shoes and having walked over a thousand kilometres in the last 12 months, I’m hooked because I can feel the ground and my balance is much better for it.

Just watch small children, they are always trying to take off their shoes and walk barefoot, it’s so natural, but because of modern life we have lost our way.

Go on and try it today or go and try a pair of barefoot shoes.

Yes I love Vivobarefoot brand of barefoot shoes because they are wider than most and I like that they source recyclable materials for some shoes and small manufacturers in Europe and around the world to make shoes with a story to them.

Anyway, just go outside for a short walk barefoot! it maybe just up and back your footpath to the road? But go feel the freedom if it hurts try for a week.

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