So right, this is a great video about the Bicycle!

It got me thinking about how a Bicycle has taken me about this World.

The uses a bicycle is used for every day about the world and how I have used a bicycle!

For Work, picking up parts to going to a post office and posting a workmates passport ahead for a visa.

For Adventure, taking me from a starting point to an end point days later etc.

For Fun, Mountain Biking from Scandinavia, Europe, and New Zealand.

For Transport, commuting to work in the UK and in New Zealand.

So a bicycle is mechanical the best way to move and I have moved by a bicycle in a load of countries.

Too many to count.

Multi-day Adventure in Czech Republic

Sweden, England, Scotland, Wales, France, Spain, Italy, Greece, Switzerland, Austria, Czech Republic, Netherlands, Morocco, Algeria, Egypt, Northen Sudan, and in New Zealand, North Island, Great Barrier Island, South Island,

And I probably have cycled in a number of countries that I may add in the future.

Always have loved the wheels turning and climbing a good hill.

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