The Ultimate Barefoot Shoe Guide – Everything You MUST Know

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So right and thanks for your past videos, because I had a accident over 4 years ago and have been asking for help since with my balance!
I could not explain the specialists how my balance was good at home inside (barefoot) and outside my balance issues walking had me having to walk side to side (like a ~) to keep from falling over! They keep saying it was because I felt safe at home?
Instead it was the shoes (like standing on a bed to change a light bulb) and no feelings! maybe it’s my brain injury and forgetting the acquired balancing skill with shoes on?
Anyway with Barefoot shoes 🙂 balance is great and I love feeling the ground and even walk on rough road services instead of the footpath (side walk in the US) and love it all! Thanks so so much. I love my Vivobarefoot Shoe’s and now have a number of them. 👍

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