Supermarkets with a Brain Injury

Last winter I went for my weekly supermarket shop and forgot my Cap/Hat!

It was an overload big time!

Only listening to a podcast a few days later I realised that I normally wear my cap everywhere.

I keep my visits short, later at night, and only if I have had a rest before hand.

Report from @theaimzrecovery

How accurate is this drawing, of a traumatic brain injury in a supermarket?! 🧠🤪

Credit to @heatherhockinart
Jump on over and read her post relating to this pic.

Does anyone else find supermarkets to be such a brutal stimulation and complete smash to the senses?

Noise, bright lights, shiny floors, lots of people with a heavy trolley to manoeuvre, all while trying to stay upright….

There’s just a lot going on!

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