First Modern Olympics, Greece

Panathenaic Stadium, is All-Marble was build to hosted the First Modern Olympics in Athens, Greece in 1896

Panathenaic Stadium is also known as Kallimarmaro can seat up to 50,000 people.

Is white in a horseshoe shape and stands triumphantly under the shadow of the Acropolis and remains the world’s only arena made completely from marble.

It’s was free to walk around back in the 1990’s and when I drove Tour Buses around Europe we would stop along side and I loved going for a run around the track.

Well in 1995 (my third year driving about Europe) I had the same Tour Manager for two tours in a row!

So on the second tour he got a group of the passengers together to me race around the track and if I lost I would have to buy the winner a drink or two that night!

Well I have always loved running Barefoot on Sandy Beaches, Grassy Fields, etc and had found my Shoes I drove in were too slow to run in so I decided to run around the Horseshoe of Kallimarmaro Barefoot.

This my have been Ok in early spring, But Not is the Middle of Summer!

It was 40°c and the Black Track was very very hot I got to the bend and my feet were burning! but I was in front until coming down the return straight I had to pull over to the middle of the track and lay down as my feet were on fire (well it felt like it).

That was the last Barefoot run for me, until this month I have been having problems with my Balance since my 2017 accident.

At home my Balance was all ok after the first year, but out walking I had to keep doing little turns to keep my Balance like riding my old Mountain Unicycle.

So I have asked a number of shoes shops about this and I need this or that shoe, I try a few but my balance was not right.

I few months ago I had stopped working and had to wait for different appointments, so in the free time to watch YouTube and also to listen to podcasts, to about Hiking (Cycling was too mentally exhausting) and a number of the Thru-Hiking people I can across talked about Zero Drop shoes were better for long day after day Hike’s.

So I got a pair and my Balance was a little better, but not 100%, then I had started looking into Zero Drop shoes and came across Barefoot shoes?

Vivbarefoot Primus Lite III

Now a Barefoot shoe have as little as 4 to 5mm sole and are very flexible, so that you can feel the ground under your sole of your feet..

Well this for me this made a big difference, My balance is the same as in my bare feet.

Yes it’s going to take me time to build my feet strength, But it’s going to be my future walking in Barefoot shoes and Barefoot sandals come summer.

Why isolate ones feet from the ground??

Here is a link to Podcasts and Why?

Happy Walking again Pete

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