Retro Ritchey (ATB) Ascent Build

Mid winter’s day ride aboard my Retro build up Ritchey Ascent, with Nitto Bullmoose handlebars, NOS 1990’s Ritchey Brake Levers, Brooks C15 Cambium saddle, Kent Erickson Titanium seatpost, Paul Components Thumbies Shifter mount’s and Shimano 9 speed Barend shifters.

Build the retro way with Shimano XT 3×9 mixed set-up.

Wheels are DT Swiss 350 hub’s, Spokes, and Rim’s.

I had fun building her up and because of the colour I had named her Morocco.
So I’m enjoying the limited riding and working on my balance since a Severe Traumatic Brain Injury I have ended up with from a unplanned dismount riding to work in 2017 (4 years ago this month).

Now just looking forward and learning to live with my new self.

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