Surly Corner Bar

So it’s been a compromise running Shimano XT 2×11 with drop handlebars and over the weekend to have fitted new Ritchey Venturemax XL (52cm) drop handlebars.

But to make them work I’m having to go back to my parts bins and run old Suntour Bar Con Power Shifters (6 speed barend shifters) in friction mode for now until a new set of handlebars turn up.

Yes I’m going to be back ordering a pair of the all new Surly Corner Bar Handlebars.


Because I would like to fit and run a full Shimano XT 2×12 groupset that I have, the 12 speed groupset shifts much better than the 11 speed group and the gear range is also much better for the riding I like to ride.

Looking forward to the future and hope that I’m okay to ride this bike from time to time, as I do miss my cycling trips.


  1. Where are you going to order them from? I’ve been looking towards getting some so my hard tail can do double duty as a cyclo-cross bike!

    1. Hi Mark, I’m getting my pair though Top Gear Cycles in Taupo. They have 3 sets of them pre ordered for customers.

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