My Brain Is Numb Today

So today my brain is feeling numb after seeing two different specialists in brain injury this week.

After my accident in 2017 my brain injury was listed as concussion and I was sent home with painkillers.

Since this I have seen a number of doctors that have said it just takes time.

I got to see a specialist in 2019 about my brain injury and report back was neck ok and brain is all ok.

Moving forward to this week and someone else had looked at the MRI’s from 2019 in 2019 had said that a review was required of my TBI (traumatic brain injury) but no-one did anything until now!

When I shouted out for help again.

Looking forward to the future at last.

A podcast that I have learned so much from over the last few weeks is Post Concussion Inc.

My question for you all is.

Do you ever have the numb brain feeling?

I do and I go for a good walk and feeling better for afterwards

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