Going Forwards

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So today I have stepped down from the Facebook Group that I started in 2015 “Bikepacking New Zealand” also closed down “Bikepacking New Zealand” & “Gravel NZ” website’s & Instagram account’s plus my Tumblr account.

So going forwards i’ll be just be posting here and on my personal Instagram account here https://www.instagram.com/kiwipetesadventures/

Why? because I have only now realised that i’m not the same anymore after an unplanned dismount (in late 2017) riding to work, this has turned out to be life changing and has been difficult for me to omit too.

I have been working full-time, but have been sleeping almost all the hours outside of work, stopped riding, been trying to ride and finish Tour Aotearoa! and just have a life outside of work.

The change is to find a better lifestyle balance and a future to look forward too.


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