Ultra Micro Overlander Table Solution

Next step in the built up of my Ultra Micro Overland/Camper Jimny.
A rear door mounted folding down Table so that I can cook and eat without needing a space for a separate table to pull out, put up and put away all the time.

Standard rear door card removed and rivnuts installed

I was going to make my own folding table and an aluminium replacement door card to mount it off like the one in the third photo, but because of my Brain Injury and the extra time that it would take me (probably six months) I decided after seeing the all new Kaon Australia full door card and table kit to purchase one.

My old Gen3 rear door card replacement that I had on my last two Jimny’s

So impressed with the quality of engineering involved.

The photo of the back of the door card (photo 4) shows the back of the door card with machined out relief to clear the back door frame.

The hidden relief work, machining out the back of the replacement Kaon door card
Kaon Door Card and Table mounts in place
My new back door with Table all fitted

Because the door when open is at an angle that Kaon have a simple solution that when table is dropped down, it is level.

Table folded Down and ready for use 👍

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