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Kaimanawa Wall Short


As My Friend Chris said

“Decided to go somewhere I’ve never been, & to check the “infamous” Kaimanawa Wall.
This is a natural Ignimbrite outcrop, over 300,000 years old. However, due to the block shapes & 90° angles, there’s a few interesting theories on how it might have come to be. Could it have been made by Vikings? There’s theories that they were here at a similar time to Māori. There’s also the possibility of UFO/alien👽🛸 technology being used.
Conspiracy theories aside, it’s nice to go exploring, even on rainy days, & make up my own conclusions”.

Kaimanawa Wall Long

Tar – Gravel – Tar

Mangakino Gravel Loop

Tar – Gravel – Tar


Pureora Forest, The Block – Waitaramoa Road – Gravel Ride

Well this is out and back in a area with very little to No Cell Phone coverage! So if you ride this route please let friends know and maybe take a PLB or Tracker like an inReach for your safety.

This gravel route is Rough in place’s and watch out for Motorcycles and big 4×4’s because at the end is a campsite area and after that is an offroad play spot.

Please enjoy and come back with only Photo’s and a smile.

More to Come

Maybe You would like to help?

So i’m working on the lay out and the photo’s of the ride’s below plus adding more rides about Taupo to this web page so please check back as I’ll be updating this page more soon

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