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    Regaining Balance After Brain Injury

    Now I believe that I’m probably not the only one with a Brain Injury that has had a balance problem since their brain injury? I was fine inside my home but had to weave (to keep my balance) when out walking outside. I asked a number of doctors and a few specialists why my balance…

  • The Ultimate Barefoot Shoe Guide – Everything You MUST Know

    So right and thanks for your past videos, because I had a accident over 4 years ago and have been asking for help since with my balance!I could not explain the specialists how my balance was good at home inside (barefoot) and outside my balance issues walking had me having to walk side to side…

  • So Why Do We Do It ??

    So why wear shoes with padding? Why do we still have heels in a shoe? Why have arch support in shoes? Because we do not need any of them and to feel the ground under your feet is so much more fun. Yes that’s right Fun! Well for me my balance is back and I’m…

  • Sun Is Shining So Time To Go Walking

    So yesterday my new pair of Altra Lone Peak 5 turned up from https://www.furtherfaster.co.nz/ Thanks to their help over the phone the size is bang on! Thanks team. So the Sun was shining in Taupo today so I planned to go for my first short walk towards Huka Falls and back again. I enjoyed the…

  • Huka Falls Loop Walk

    Today’s walk via Huka Falls walk track, a beautiful loop when you return via Huka Falls Road.A great day out. Pete

  • Beautiful Midwinter Day

    Today was a beautiful midwinter day for a walkabout of Taupo. Brisk Sports Walk of 10+ kilometres in the sun. Pete