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    Life Without Spare Wheels

    Live life to the fullest possible! So why not try reducing your wheels on your vehicles?

  • The Perfect Bicycle Stand

    Are you still looking for the perfect bicycle stand?The best one is just around the corner!

  • True NZ Adventure Video

    Are you looking for some inspiration and/or ideas of places to go and see in the South Island ? Here is a awesome and raw video about two guys having fun and adventure. I’m planning to drive my Jimny in the next year along some of the same routes (if you’re in the USA it’s…

  • The Persuader

    Just arrived from the USA today is one of the upgrades planned for my Jones LWB Spaceframe 29+ upgrade project! Yes I’m going to be running a pair of Tumbleweed Persuader handlebars. I sold off my Titanium Jones Loop H-Bar handlebars because of my discomfort riding with them. I’m looking forward to hopefully being able…

  • My Micro 4×4 Camper Project

    The start of my Micro 4×4 Camper The Removal of my Suzuki Jimny rear seats, rear box, tuck the seatbelts away into the bodywork and secure with a few zip ties. Place on the bathroom scales and weigh them all up! Removed parts came to 16 kgs. Now it’s time to make the rear removable…