Kiwi Pete’s TBI Journey

Having fun at work pre accident

Riding to work in August 2017, I came off my bike and landed head 1st into the ground resulting in a Severe Traumatic Brain Injury.

This is my Blog if my life, living with a TBI.

Therapy Dog Trying Too Hard

My Co-Driver asking for the keys!Zippy would appreciated an automatic transmission, but I’m glad I have a manual transmission so that we don’t have a fight about who is driving each day.🥰Zippy having a little bit of fun with me after a good morning walk.

How Do I Record A GPS Route?

My setup to record a gps routes.A GPSMAP 65s for the recording and a Overlander GPS to help with navigation.New mount setup coming in the coming weeks.

The Scandinavian Christmas Can Surprise You

A Merry Christmas from the Finnish Police a few years ago. A nice way to say be safe. I can remember the Finnish Police (and the Swedish and Norwegian) were all very friendly when I was driving Scandinavian Tours about north of the arctic circle in 1994. We just missed seeing the Snow ❄️ and…


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