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Live Life Now And Not Later

Take the opportunity when you can, And live life to the max before it’s too late! I’m so glad to have travelled overseas extensively years ago, not of waited until I was older in life to do so. There’s nothing stopping you sell things and just do it. It’s called having an adventure.

My Old Titanium Geared Mountain Unicycle

Myself 2011, with old custom made 26” Titanium Geared Mountain Unicycle. Sold in late 2011 too help fund my 2012 Africa Misadventure. I would love to be able to go out again and enjoy a good 20+ kilometre Uni ride, but I’ll be happy to manage 10 minutes of riding before having to take a…


The freedom of riding on just one tyre is hard to give up and a load easier than it may look. I had to stop riding my mountain unicycle after my 2017 bicycle accident because it was too much of a brain overload and extremely frustrating. But now after 6 years and a load of…

Drive In The Green Zone Is More Efficient & Better

As a former Motorcycle Engineer and Mechanic it was very surprising, how many customers motorcycles needed to have the Italian tune. In fact, once I had a visit from the local police officer about a motorcycle going along the bypass putting out so much smoke that no one could see where they were going? Bobby…

Leaning Tree

Mid winter’s day ride over 2 years on my Retro build up Ritchey Ascent, with Nitto Bullmoose handlebars, NOS 1990’s Ritchey Brake Levers, Brooks C15 Cambium saddle, Kent Erickson Titanium seatpost, Paul Components Thumbies Shifter mount’s and Shimano 9 speed Barend shifters. Build the retro way with Shimano XT 3×9 mixed set-up.Wheels are DT Swiss…

Overlanding With Your Dog

Here is a video that I have come across with a number of different ideas that have me thinking about my Dogs things and setup.

JUE Story

This very first Land Rover Number One was known as JUE and this is the finding and it’s restoring to keep its original history. An awesome story behind the very first true four-wheel-drive outside of the army built jeeps one designed for everyone to use every day. The doors are opened.. I must watch.

Wide vs Narrow – Four Wheel Drive Tyres

Maybe it’s my background in engineering or it maybe my love of the first Suzuki Jimny back in the early 1970’s ? I have always wanted and asked for tall narrow 4×4 tyres, if I had the money I would import a full set of 195R16 and/or 185/85R16 tyres and new light weight offroad 16”…


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