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  • JUE Story

    JUE Story

    This very first Land Rover Number One was known as JUE and this is the finding and it’s restoring to keep its original history. An awesome story behind the very first true four-wheel-drive outside of the army built jeeps one designed for everyone to use every day. The doors are opened.. I must watch. Read more

  • Wide vs Narrow – Four Wheel Drive Tyres

    Maybe it’s my background in engineering or it maybe my love of the first Suzuki Jimny back in the early 1970’s ? I have always wanted and asked for tall narrow 4×4 tyres, if I had the money I would import a full set of 195R16 and/or 185/85R16 tyres and new light weight offroad 16”… Read more

  • Suzuki Jimny CarPlay USB Data Socket Reposition

    Well I have found that having the CarPlay USB port in the centre of the lower dashboard and having my Co-Driver (Zippy my Dog) in the passenger seat the USB cable was not in a safe place and no where for my phone! So I cut the two cable ties holding the USB to info… Read more

  • Project Ultra Micro Overlander July Update

    My Ultra Micro Overland project is at long long last taking shape.This is my first test off my storage/sleeping system. The front section that covers the front passenger seat is very easily removed in under 40 seconds. The rear opening lid is to access soft bag storage. This design is lightweight, make maximum use of… Read more

  • Are EV’s Bad For Our Environment

    Extremely thoughtful provoking video. Well worth a good watch, looking forward to hydrogen coming. Read more