Welcome to Gravel.NZ

My plans for Gravel.NZ is to be a a Free Open Source of Gravel Rides from Cape Reinga to Port Pegasus.

The first Gravel rides/Roads to drive are about Taupo only to start with.

If you would like to help with a GPS file, Description of the ride and a photo in your area?

Please email me pete@kiwipete.nz or below in the in the attached contact.

Now all the Districts of New Zealand are going to link you over to my Kiwi Pete website https://overlandadventure.nz this is to save on the cost of hosting more then one professional/business website so that i’m able to embed the GPS files for you to view make links easier.

Who am I?

I’m Pete I started a Facebook group called “Bikepacking New Zealand” back in 2015 thinking it could build it up to one hundred members! well I’m shocked but now it’s well over 6,000 member’s I’m still climbing (thanks all).

Due to my head injury I sustained back in 2017.

I’m unable to enjoy riding any longer without a severe fatigue after only 20 minutes are riding and because of this from now on I’ll be driving the roads taking photos and updating more often.

Sorry for changing this website a little bit, and not updating it most in the past years.

I have only recently worked out along with professional and I’m not gonna make a full recovery and I have to live my life in new ways but that’s life.

See you out on the road somewhere keep an eye out for my little one beige Suzuki Jimny registration XPLR for out exploring New Zealand.

Zippy my Co-Driver