Gravel NZ

Welcome back to Gravel NZ

So why has Gravel NZBikepacking New Zealand, and Kiwi Pete’s Adventures now become part of this one website? to keep costs down and simpler for me to look after going forward.

Well cost of having three website’s was too much for myself after having to admit defeat, that I can not work full time anymore and my Bad Brain Injury is not getting any better after four years.

So in the coming months I’ll be reposting a few of the Gravel Ride’s close to Taupo and in the future more ride’s about NZ, But a large number of Ride’s in the future I’ll be Driving only!

This is because for me I have found that my balance is not as good as before my TBI and because of this I have to keep stopping for a nap when out riding all the time. I hope this will change with better management of my Time/Rest/Fitness.