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  • Ultra Micro Overlander Update

    Ultra Micro Overlander Update

    Well my sleeping/storage system is complete aside from some finishing touches/paint. No drawers because of the size and to keep the weight down. Front section of the bed is removed in only a minute and stored behind the front seats and this in closes the rear storage space (so it’s got a dual roll). Drivers…

  • Living With A Brain Injury

    This is and has been my life for the last 6+ years and my future is looking forwards.

  • What Is A TBI?

    What is a TBI or Traumatic Brain Injury? This may help you understand what one is and remember most people can recover from one. But unfortunately, some of us will never fully recover from a Brain Injury again.

  • New Alu-Cab Jimny Build Options Coming

    Alu-Cab are coming out with some new accessories for ourselves who enjoy the outdoors I’m looking forward to seeing more details

  • Live Life Now And Not Later

    Take the opportunity when you can, And live life to the max before it’s too late! I’m so glad to have travelled overseas extensively years ago, not of waited until I was older in life to do so. There’s nothing stopping you sell things and just do it. It’s called having an adventure.

  • Life Without Spare Wheels

    Live life to the fullest possible! So why not try reducing your wheels on your vehicles?

  • My Old Titanium Geared Mountain Unicycle

    Myself 2011, with old custom made 26” Titanium Geared Mountain Unicycle. Sold in late 2011 too help fund my 2012 Africa Misadventure. I would love to be able to go out again and enjoy a good 20+ kilometre Uni ride, but I’ll be happy to manage 10 minutes of riding before having to take a…

  • Freedom

    The freedom of riding on just one tyre is hard to give up and a load easier than it may look. I had to stop riding my mountain unicycle after my 2017 bicycle accident because it was too much of a brain overload and extremely frustrating. But now after 6 years and a load of…

  • Drive In The Green Zone Is More Efficient & Better

    As a former Motorcycle Engineer and Mechanic it was very surprising, how many customers motorcycles needed to have the Italian tune. In fact, once I had a visit from the local police officer about a motorcycle going along the bypass putting out so much smoke that no one could see where they were going? Bobby…

  • Leaning Tree

    Mid winter’s day ride over 2 years on my Retro build up Ritchey Ascent, with Nitto Bullmoose handlebars, NOS 1990’s Ritchey Brake Levers, Brooks C15 Cambium saddle, Kent Erickson Titanium seatpost, Paul Components Thumbies Shifter mount’s and Shimano 9 speed Barend shifters. Build the retro way with Shimano XT 3×9 mixed set-up.Wheels are DT Swiss…

  • Overlanding With Your Dog

    Here is a video that I have come across with a number of different ideas that have me thinking about my Dogs things and setup.

  • JUE Story

    This very first Land Rover Number One was known as JUE and this is the finding and it’s restoring to keep its original history. An awesome story behind the very first true four-wheel-drive outside of the army built jeeps one designed for everyone to use every day. The doors are opened.. I must watch.

  • Wide vs Narrow – Four Wheel Drive Tyres

    Maybe it’s my background in engineering or it maybe my love of the first Suzuki Jimny back in the early 1970’s ? I have always wanted and asked for tall narrow 4×4 tyres, if I had the money I would import a full set of 195R16 and/or 185/85R16 tyres and new light weight offroad 16”…

  • Suzuki Jimny CarPlay USB Data Socket Reposition

    Well I have found that having the CarPlay USB port in the centre of the lower dashboard and having my Co-Driver (Zippy my Dog) in the passenger seat the USB cable was not in a safe place and no where for my phone! So I cut the two cable ties holding the USB to info…

  • Project Ultra Micro Overlander July Update

    My Ultra Micro Overland project is at long long last taking shape.This is my first test off my storage/sleeping system. The front section that covers the front passenger seat is very easily removed in under 40 seconds. The rear opening lid is to access soft bag storage. This design is lightweight, make maximum use of…

  • Are EV’s Bad For Our Environment

    Extremely thoughtful provoking video. Well worth a good watch, looking forward to hydrogen coming.

  • Live Life To The Fullest When You Can

    In July 2017 (before my Brain Injury) I used to go out and enjoying Mountain Unicycling. On this day I was riding part of the Great Lakes Mountain Bike Trail. I do miss being able to ride and enjoy the simplest form of cycling ⛰️

  • Suzuki Jimny – Driving Setup

    This is the best video explaining how to set up your Jimny for sand driving. I have noticed most people get confused between traction control and electronic stability control (ESC). This helps explain it.

  • A Sunny Day Out In Middle Of Winter

    A day out in XPLR and a short walk/jog with Zippy along part of the Great Lakes Trail on a beautiful sunny afternoon today over looking Lake Taupo.

  • The Day’s Of Music In Motorsport

    The incredible engines, made some of the best music ever heard in the world. Sadly not ever coming back but can still be heard and recordings and some very cool engine components are in this video.

  • Tumbleweed Persuader Handlebars

    12 months ago arrived from the USA one of the upgrades planned for my Jones LWB Spaceframe 29+ upgrade project! Yes I’m going to be running a pair of Tumbleweed Persuader handlebars. I sold off my Titanium Jones Loop H-Bar handlebars because of my discomfort riding with them. I’m looking forward to hopefully being able…

  • The Pie’s 🥧 Of New Zealand

    One of the best things about Touring in New Zealand is the World’s best Pie’s and the Hunt for them

  • Re-Purposing MTB Lights For Dog Walking

    So for the last few months I have been looking at replacing my broken head torch, as it’s dark out walking with my Dog in the early morning and evening. Was not happy with the low power red light options with any Headlamp available. A few weeks ago I remembered I had a Mountain Biking…

  • A Shocking Experience

    This week’s adventure with Zippy was a short 4+ kilometre walk. It also was his first time to see Sheep in paddock’s Here Zippy’s sitting/standing watching the Sheep eating away at the grass Unfortunately Zippy also touched a live electric fence! despite explaining to him, not to touch it! He jumped about two metres, cried…

  • Great Business Ideas

    Does not have to be a Bar, any business could do. This in the app was more customers per parking spot by allowing Cycles to park safely outside your own business. Come on give it ago

  • Exhaust Design & Performance

    With my background as an ex motorcycle engineer and now having a brain injury it’s extremely hard for myself to explain how a more open and noisy exhaust does not equal more power. Now I’m not sponsored or use any Magnaflow exhaust systems! But I believe this video explains a lot of the engineering and…

  • Do You Need Every Option Before Driving Offroad

    Having owned 3 Jimny’s before my JB74 I have learned that lifting is not necessary and that a good tall set of tyres are all that’s required for moderate to serious offroad adventures in NZ. The past Jimny’s needed a bigger fuel tank, but with the much better range of the JB74 in NZ we…

  • The Perfect Bicycle Stand

    Are you still looking for the perfect bicycle stand?The best one is just around the corner!

  • Project Ultra Micro Overlander Update UHF CB Radio Install

    Today was all about mounting my new GME XRS-370C Compact UHF CB Radio unit to the underside of infotainment/radio unit in my Suzuki Jimny. Yes it does fit into the standard dashboard! I have added the mounting bracket and how I fitted the XRS-370 bracket to the mounting bracket (without the faceplate of course) and…

  • Overlanding Morocco

    I loved my time in Morocco and North Africa back in 1993. It’s the one place that I have always wanted to return too. This video is inspiring 👍

  • Saving The Mechanical Bicycle Business

    One of the oldest bicycle companies in the USA and still going strong.Extremely interesting story of their company and Soma bikes and a lot more.

  • Snorkel Fitted – One Upgrade To Come

    At long last I finished fitting an Ironman Snorkel to my Jimny named “Explore“

  • True NZ Adventure Video

    Are you looking for some inspiration and/or ideas of places to go and see in the South Island ? Here is a awesome and raw video about two guys having fun and adventure. I’m planning to drive my Jimny in the next year along some of the same routes (if you’re in the USA it’s…

  • Ultra Micro Overlander Progress

    Busy few days (with a number of naps to rest up my brain)So the hay basic basic frame structure is complete.(Have to add mounting taps etc) Fit into my Jimny, a perfect fit. Fit my hinged top (half of bed base) and open up the top to allow the storage of soft bags. Run into…

  • Ultra Micro Overlander – Update

    So just over 12 months ago I started prototype one of my light weight sleeping/storage system for my Gen4 (2022) Suzuki Jimny.Now why not a drawer system? Too heavy! Why not just run with the plywood base instead of a light weight thin wall steel box tubing? The steel tubing design is lighter! Yes that’s…

  • You Would Not Believe It – History

    When I worked in Wellsford (Northland) in the local Honda motorcycle shop the Honda Car dealership across the road could not believe that he just sold a brand new Honda City to a local customer who had a Honda City that was two years old and the Vin number (chassis number/production number) off the new…

  • Five Reasons Why You Should Ride A Hardtail Mountain Bike

    So right! Mountain biking becomes so much more fun riding with less. Why have rear suspension? I switched to running a suspension forks in 1990 for hand comfort, substantial increase in speed and control. But my first full suspension mountain bike in 2013 just added service costs and I loss the feel of the ride…

  • My Suzuki Jimny Affair Started With A LJ10

    My love affair started in 1972/3 with a LJ10 as a youngster in the local engineering supplies that were selling Suzuki four-wheel-drive’s and motorcycles at the time in Wellsford. In the 1980 as a Motorcycle apprentice going to Petone for six week block courses I member being impressed for the three cylinder two-stroke LJ50 engines…

  • Regaining Balance After Brain Injury

    Now I believe that I’m probably not the only one with a Brain Injury that has had a balance problem since their brain injury? I was fine inside my home but had to weave (to keep my balance) when out walking outside. I asked a number of doctors and a few specialists why my balance…

  • Welding Table Finished

    Well to build my plan Sleeping System for my Suzuki Jimny (and future projects) I needed a flat level service to weld it all up straight and in line. So today I finished off a kit set Welding Table.More welding than I had planned on.Relearning to TIG weld has been a challenge with the wrong…

  • Inspiring Videos of Some of New Zealand Offroad Roots

    This is just one of the future planned adventures I have for myself and my ultra micro overland adventure Jimny. Marcus has videoed some of the great roots/tracks of the South Island.Like the one below.

  • TIG Welding Art & Projects

    So after years welding with O-A and MIG welders for work and personal projects. It’s time to start a small business and after having registered business name, years ago and working through a few options!I have got myself a TIG welder and gear. First off it’s built a welding table (almost finished) than it’s built…

  • A Cracking Day

    It was a cracking day in Taupo.Beautiful clean crisp air and sunny.Taupo has to be the best place to live in the world.Also time to look forward and change my instagram name to Pete’s Overland Adventures

  • Overloaded Camping Adventure’s In NZ

    So below is myself riding in a self supported cycling event called the Kiwi Brevet. I was riding the short course a 750 kilometre long loop of the upper part of the South Island in 2015. I learned about trying to ride with too much camping gear and this photo is of myself with my…

  • Paradise Is New Zealand

    I’m so lucky to live in Paradise and having traveled the world over the last four decades I have come to the conclusion that New Zealand is the best country to live in. Love Taupo (North Island of NZ) but one day I may look to move to Central Otago (in the South Island of…

  • Ultra Micro Overland/Camper

    Out for a walk with Zippy this last weekend.Looking forward to finishing off my Ultra Micro Overland/Camper.No rooftop tent ⛺️ going on here!After after all we have no Lions or Hippos in New Zealand to keep safe from.So like in my last two Jimny’s it’s a simple sleep inside with a full size bed.Adventures are…

  • Ultra Micro Overlander Table Solution

    Next step in the built up of my Ultra Micro Overland/Camper Jimny.A rear door mounted folding down Table so that I can cook and eat without needing a space for a separate table to pull out, put up and put away all the time. I was going to make my own folding table and an…

  • Front Winch Finally Finished Mounting

    Well finally I have finished my Warn Axon 55-S winch mounting and relocated the front number plate from the standard number plate position with a Kaon Australia hinged number plate mount. It now pivots up out of the way when I’m using the winch to recover myself or clearing trees or branches of the road/track.…

  • Large Self Loading Stock Truck (Bus)

    I once drove an almost identical Vanhool Double Decker powered by a marine spec Mercedes turbocharged V8 engine.It flew when empty and was still a rocket when loaded with 85 passengers!Had many adventures in the 12+ months I worked for “Tracks UK/Europe”Had to sign a secrecy agreement with a government organisation on a few occasions,…

  • A Fence Post With History

    Close to Taupo is Opepe, it’s one of a number of ghost towns in the Taupo district. I can remember one building was still standing when I moved to Taupo years ago, unfortunately it is now a pile of rubble. History is returning to the Earth. Walking Adventures in NZ.

  • Why Have I Have Changed In My Websites Name From Kiwi Pete’s Adventures?

    So why have I renamed Kiwi Pete’s Adventures and moved all three of my websites into one? First of the rename is after a second person contacted me asking if I was the Kiwi Pete who had left them on the side the road in the middle of the USA? or I was the Kiwi…

  • New Sliding Windows With Guards

    So after one year of ownership of my Jimny it’s was finally time to upgrade my rear side windows to sliding open Explore Glazing windows with security grills in place. Now I have to point out that they are normally just bonded in like the standard side windows! I have not just bonded in the…

  • Lightweight Recovery Winch Setup

    Having learned from my previous Jimny experiences one of my main goals is to keep the complete built weight as low as possible and the centre of gravity as low as possible too. So I went to a lot of trouble to import one of Taubenreuther Germany front winch mounts for one of Warn Winch’s…

  • New Shoes Time

    Last week was time for new shoes for my Jimny. I’m very impressed with the improvement in traction over the weekend and I’m now able to start planning for a number of off-road adventures, with my co-driver Zippy 🐕‍🦺 PS: I’m not building my Jimny for looks, but to work for me as it’s a…

  • Therapy Dog Trying Too Hard

    My Co-Driver asking for the keys!Zippy would appreciated an automatic transmission, but I’m glad I have a manual transmission so that we don’t have a fight about who is driving each day.🥰Zippy having a little bit of fun with me after a good morning walk.

  • How Do I Record A GPS Route?

    My setup to record a gps routes.A GPSMAP 65s for the recording and a Overlander GPS to help with navigation.New mount setup coming in the coming weeks.

  • New Jimny 5 Door Released January 2023

    Here we go with the new 5 door Jimny

  • The Scandinavian Christmas Can Surprise You

    A Merry Christmas from the Finnish Police a few years ago. A nice way to say be safe. I can remember the Finnish Police (and the Swedish and Norwegian) were all very friendly when I was driving Scandinavian Tours about north of the arctic circle in 1994. We just missed seeing the Snow ❄️ and…

  • Overland Adventure New Zealand

    So because I have not been able to fully recover from my severe traumatic brain injury (over 5 years last August) and still not able to enjoy cycling any more outdoors because of extreme brain fatigue from riding a bike or motorcycle.I have returned to four wheel driving and camping with Zippy my assistance dog/puppy.I’ve…

  • Ultra Micro Overlander/Camper Build Update

    So if anyone was following my design and setup that I started in March 2022. I’m sorry, I got to this stage above and stopped because of my Brain injury causing me extreme fatigue! Then changing my medication, cause more extreme fatigue, once this is under control, the medication stop being available and then it’s…

  • My First New Suzuki 4X4

    Well this is an old 6×6 photo of my first Suzuki Samurai coil spring, predecessor to Suzuki Jimny 4×4 that I loved driving offroad about NZ.Year about 1998/9 was out with my good CZ friend Zuzana’s brother exploring the backcountry 🙂

  • Billingham Bag & My History With Them

    Billingham Bags I got my first one back in 1995. I used it for years when driving adventure tours around Europe, Scandinavia, United Kingdom and New Zealand. I used it as a pillow when sleeping under the stars and under Canvas on all the great camping trips. Comfort and security know my cameras, is just…

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